Painting Your Home

Approved Paint Colors For The Royal Hills Community

Colors presented here are Sherwin Williams HGTV Home obtained at Lowes or Sherwin Williams stores in Plant City. Be sure to visit the store to look at the actual colors.

Please note: Painting or any modifications to your home requires a DRB/ARC approval form completed before proceeding. Download Approval Form Here

  • Three Color Combination (Front Door, Trim, Main Home).
  • The first color (left) front¬†door only.
  • The second color (middle) trim only.
  • The third color (right-largest)¬†main home exterior only.
  • Window frame, mullion and soffit: White.

Not Exact Colors: Paint store will have exact color palettes based on these color codes.

home-color-2home-color-3 home-color-4 home-color-5 home-color-6 home-color-7 home-color-8 home-color-9 home-color-10 home-color-11 home-color-12